What is the ONE question every aspiring entrepreneur asks?


  • How did you create your website?
  • How did you build your product?
  • How did you find your first customer?

If you have built a company, product or service, we want to hear from YOU.  How did you do it - in detail.  StartupExamples.com is not about fluffy motivation, inspirational musings, or high level summaries.  We want to get into the weeds.  We want to dig deep.  We want to help craft your hard fought lessons learned into actionable intelligence to help other entrepreneurs.

Will you help us?

What is ONE thing you have done in the building of your company which you can describe in detail?

  • How EXACTLY did you launch your website - from domain registration to hosting to building the site?
  • What PRECISE steps did you take to create your product - from brainstorm concept to prototype to initial production?
  • Describe the DETAILS of your marketing campaign - from zero to launch to first customers.

Yes, we are asking for you to share your unique, valuable insights and experience as an entrepreneur.  So what's in it for you?

  • Pay it forward - what you share will inspire, motivate, and help others.  That feels pretty awesome.
  • Build a community - as you contribute, so do others.  Help grow a community which can in turn help you grow.
  • And a bit of self promotion - of course this offers a great opportunity to share your product or service with an expanding group of motivated individuals.  So go ahead, and give yourself a plug!