Our Goal

StartupExamples.com is intended to become the resource I could never find when taking the first few tentative and scary steps of launching my side project - AppleWatchDisplay.com.

A simple site, a simple product, and yet I had so many questions.  How do I do...?  Where do I go for...?  What happens after...?

As an engineer, I am obsessed with details, and as a business school alum, I know how insightful case studies and real world examples can be.  Yet there did not seem to be a resource of detailed examples covering the nitty gritty of starting a business or turning your idea into a real product.

There are a plethora of "experts" who will charge a pretty penny to teach you how to be "successful", and I'm sure some of their content is quite good.

However, I want something different.  I do not want someone's pre-packaged one size fits all advice.  I want to hear HOW several other entrepreneurs did the exact thing I'm struggling with - what mistakes did they make and what lessons did they learn.

This is the resource we intend to build - with your help!

Let's build something awesome!

If you have questions on how to start a company, build a product, or create a service - tell us what they are!

If you are an entrepreneur and can share your experience, lessons learned, or the details on HOW you accomplished something - please share them with our community!