A Simple Mission

StartupExamples.com has a very simple mission.  We will curate real, actionable, and specific case studies from hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners spanning a wide range of business types.  Hear HOW they did it in their own words.

We will not teach you 10 simple ways to start an online business.

We do not promise to show you the one magic formula for becoming a millionaire overnight.

We will not give you the shortcut to a four hour workweek.

But we will show you exactly how other people, just like you, took the first few steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Tell me HOW they did it

If you could ask a successful entrepreneur anything, what would it be?

What aspects of starting, building or scaling a business are you struggling with?

Share your experience

Have you built a business, created a product, or founded a startup?

Help the community by sharing your unique experience with both fellow entrepreneurs and those looking to take their first step.